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AdoptUSKids photolisting

Child welfare professionals use our free national photolisting to match children in need of permanent homes with parents who are approved to adopt from foster care.

Help children you work with find families

Our photolisting is a powerful tool for children’s caseworkers.

  • Introduce the children on your caseload to home-studied families who are actively seeking an adoptive placement by creating a child profile on AdoptUSKids. Share only the information you want to by designating which information displays to the general public, to registered families and professionals, and to other professionals.
  • Find potential matches for children on your caseload by cross-matching their needs and preferences with those of nearly 2,500 families who are home studied and approved to adopt a child or sibling group from foster care.
  • Manage cases and accounts: receive and respond to inquiries from registered families, share information with colleagues, pull reports on case activity, and reassign cases.

Learn about the 2,600 families registered on AdoptUSKids.

Find a child or youth for a family

Use our photolisting tools to help the families you work with in their adoption search.

  • With a simple click of a button, you can find potential placements for families by cross-matching their preferences with the needs of more than 5,000 children waiting to be adopted.
  • Help families tell children’s caseworkers what makes them a great choice to adopt by creating a family profile for them on our site. Family profiles are only viewable by registered caseworkers.
  • Families can also register themselves on our website and share their account with you, so you can view children they’re interested in or suggest possible matches to them.

Who can register with AdoptUSKids

Employees of all public and private child welfare agencies can register with AdoptUSKids to use our free family registration and search tools.

The first step toward registering is seeing if your agency has an account with us. If it does not, then you will be prompted to register your agency.

If you have questions about registering on our site, call us at 888-200-4005 or email

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