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Meet the families registered on AdoptUSKids

Registered families searching for children on AdoptUSKids come from every state in the country as well as Washington, DC, and American Samoa. While the majority are white (71 percent), people of many races and ethnicities—and multiracial families—are using AdoptUSKids to build their families.

There are currently more than 2,600 families registered on our site.

More about our families:

  • While families—individuals and couples—range broadly in age, from 21 to 92 years old, the average family member is in their 40s.
  • 73 percent of families are heterosexual couples, 13 percent are single females, 5 percent are single males, 5 percent are gay couples, and 4 percent are lesbian couples.
  • 40 percent of families do not have any children in their home. One quarter have one child, and 26 percent have two or three children living at home.

Our families are qualified and engaged

We know that you are busy! We don’t want to waste your time contacting—or being contacted by—families who are not licensed to adopt.

Before a family can complete a registration, their agency must confirm that the family has a current home study and is actively seeking an adoptive placement. Families are re-verified by their agency every year.

If a registered family does not log in for three months, we mark their profile as “inactive.” These families will not appear in your search results.

Registered families keep their options open

When families register on AdoptUSKids, they describe the children they hope to adopt—their gender, race and ethnicity, behaviors, abilities, and other characteristics.

Most of the families tell us that they are open to adopting children nine or older. In fact, 30 percent indicate they are open to adopting a teen.

The majority of registered families:

  • Are open to adopting more than one child (83 percent)
  • Are open to providing a home for an LGBTQ youth (61 percent)
  • Are open to children with more than one type of moderate or severe level disability (53 percent)
  • Will consider children with moderate or severe emotional conditions (54 percent)

Families not only have interest—they have experience

  • 60 percent of all registered families have one or more children in their home—more than half (51 percent) of these families report that at least one of their children became part of their family through adoption, foster care, kinship, or guardianship.
  • The vast majority of families (96 percent) have completed foster parent–training classes, and 54 percent have been foster parents.
  • Of the families who are open to adopting a child with moderate or severe disabilities, the majority indicated having experience or training related to the disability.

We can help you find qualified families and raise awareness of the children on your caseload. Register now.