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Our services

AdoptUSKids educates families about foster care and adoption and gives child welfare professionals information and support to help them improve their services. We also maintain the nation’s only federally funded photolisting service that connects waiting children with families.

Our mission:

Raise public awareness about the need for foster and adoptive families for children in the public child welfare system Assist US states, territories, and tribes to recruit, engage, develop and support foster and adoptive families

How we help professionals

We provide an array of resources to caseworkers and agency managers and administrators:

  • National photolisting. Child welfare professionals use our free national photolisting to match children in need of permanent homes with parents who are approved to adopt from foster care.
  • Capacity-building services. We offer consultation, webinars, training, and other opportunities for agency leaders to connect, learn and—ultimately—improve their service to children and families.
  • Minority Professional Leadership Development program.  We help emerging leaders develop skills and networks through this 12-month fellowship.
  • Email communications. Our professionals newsletters and an active Twitter channel keep professionals informed about new resources, tools, and best practices that can help them do their jobs better.

How we help families

We’re here to help families every step of the way, from starting the process to foster or adopt to receiving a placement and accessing supportive services.

Supplying information and resources

Online and over the phone, AdoptUSKids provides information and resources to families interested in fostering and adopting:

  • Our foster care and adoption specialists talk, email and chat online with families getting started in the foster and adoption process and connect them with professionals in their state.
  • Our website guides families through the details of fostering and adopting and connects families with local resources.
  • Our monthly newsletter for families shares announcements from AdoptUSKids, perspectives of caseworkers, families, and foster care alums, and recent child welfare news. Subscribe now.
  • Our Facebook page and other social media channels connect current and prospective parents and share information and perspectives about adoption and foster care.
    Connecting families to children and their workers, and vice versa
  • Our free national photolisting features children in foster care who are available for adoption throughout the United States.  More than 30,000 children previously photolisted on AdoptUSKids now live with permanent families.

Raising public awareness

Through a partnership with the Ad Council, our national adoption campaign has been raising awareness of children in foster care and the need for loving families for 15 years.

Read more about our national campaign.