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New from AdoptUSKids: National Center for Diligent Recruitment

The National Center for Diligent Recruitment is a new component of the AdoptUSKids project. We provide multiple forms of free technical assistance (TA) to support states, tribes, and territories in developing and implementing strategic, data-driven diligent recruitment plans. Our goals are to:

  • Increase the capacity of states, territories, and tribes to effectively collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data to guide their targeted recruitment efforts.
  • Provide on-site, tailored TA to support the work of states, tribes, and territories in constructing their robust diligent recruitment plans that have significant and strategic outcomes.
  • Develop effective models of diligent recruitment based on evidence-informed and evidence-based research.
  • Further the evidence-base of family finding, relative outreach, reunion support, and intensive recruitment and retention services within the communities of origin of the children/youth in the foster care system.

We provide universal, constituency, and tailored TA. Child welfare systems can contact us to request services.

Universal TA

Universal TA will include:

  • A website serving as a repository of strategies, program profiles, articles, tools, and other resources highlighting best practices, tips, and key considerations for developing and implementing diligent recruitment plans and practices.
  • Webinars, conference presentations, and other learning experiences for child welfare professionals.
  • Email newsletters highlighting effective strategies, useful tools, and other resources.

Constituency group TA

Constituency group TA will include:

  • Facilitating and supporting the national diligent recruitment peer group.
  • Providing multiple opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and sharing.

Tailored TA

Taking a systems approach, we will provide in-depth support tailored to the needs of individual states, tribes, and territories on topics including:

  • Development and implementation of strategic, data-driven diligent recruitment plans.
  • General, targeted, and child-specific recruitment strategies.
  • Development and use of strength-based photolisting.
  • Use of data in diligent recruitment.
  • Implementing racial equity strategies in diligent recruitment.
  • Incorporating voices of youth and families with lived experience.
  • Practices and approaches for preparing and supporting foster, adoptive, and kinship families.

Proactive outreach for TA

We will proactively reach out to states, tribes, and territories to offer tailored TA, with outreach based on areas such as: findings from child and family services reviews (CFSRs) and performance improvement plans (PIPs) with areas related to diligent recruitment, high levels of disproportionality for children and youth of color, high congregate care placements, low use of kinship placement, suggestions from Children’s Bureau Regional Office staff, and other indicators that we can be helpful.

Self-referral process for TA

We welcome requests directly from child welfare systems for assistance: