Webinar: Creating a culture that values the role of foster parents in permanency

Jun 30

2:30 - 4:00 p.m. eastern time

This advanced-level webinar will help you create an agency culture that empowers foster parents to play an active role in achieving permanency for children and youth in foster care.


  • Kate Hurt, senior director, Capacity-Building and Engagement, AdoptUSKids
  • Britt Cloudsdale, manager, Family Support Program, AdoptUSKids
  • Alicia Groh, consultant, AdoptUSKids
  • Carol Campbell Edwards, training coordinator, Youth Law Center
  • Carmella Hines, social worker and former youth in care
  • Manny Arroyo, biological parent
  • Barbara A. Van Leer, foster parent

Audience: While this webinar is open to all audiences, it is designed to be an advanced-level webinar for public (state, county, tribal, territorial) child welfare administrators and managers responsible for policy and practice in foster care and adoption.

The webinar may also be of interest to private agencies and nonprofit organizations that partner with child welfare systems on these areas of work.

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